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Broadband as a catalyst for innovation and development in Indonesia

Image credit: infopublik.id

The Ministry of Information and Communication (Kemkominfo) is keen to drive education, innovation and the economy through tech-enabled initiatives. One way is by implementing the Free Indonesia Signal 2020 movement across the nation.

One of the four priority programmes of the ministry is broadband connectivity. The ministry believes broadband is an enabler of economic change and improvement of social welfare and has an important role in creating the conditions for sustainable economic growth and improving people’s welfare.

The utilisation of broadband will affect economic dynamics and social welfare because it encourages an increase in the number of economic sectors and activities. Broadband directly affects the impact of growth factors such as innovation, the emergence of new goods and services, new processes, new business models, and increased competitiveness and flexibility in the economy.

With the fixed broadband penetration of 1%, it is expected to reduce the unemployment rate by 8.6%. Through the use of broadband penetration as much as 10%, it is targeted to encourage economic growth of 1.38%.

Most recently, Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, were given 100 free internet devices to be spread throughout the West Manggarai area. The 100 locations consist of schools, village offices, houses of worship, health centres.

This free Internet assistance is a national program initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Information as an Indonesian movement for signal independence and to support Labuan Bajo as a super-priority tourist destination.

The free internet device was handed over directly by the Head of Communication and Information Technology Mabar, Ir. Dominikus Damsut, received directly by the principal, Maria H. Dewi Lastri, S.Pd. In the handover of the aid, a member of the DPRD Mabar was also present to accompany him. Antonius Aron. The handing over of aid was welcomed by the teachers present.

The Head of Kominfo Mabar, Dominikus Damsut said that the assistance was given to West Manggarai after previously submitted a proposal signed by the Regent of West Manggarai, Drs. Agustinus Ch Dula.

“Of the 100 locations we submitted, all of them were approved and currently the installation of the free internet device is being carried out and done by three vendors appointed by Bhakti, one of the BUMNs from the Ministry of Communication and Information,” he said. Kadis Domi reminded schools or other institutions to always maintain and make the best use of the internet equipment facilities that have been provided by the state/government.

The Ministry of Communication and Information has also been focusing on youth to be more deeply involved with innovation and tech entrepreneurship. The ministry is pushing for strengthening digital literacy and building telecommunications infrastructure to encourage innovation of the nation’s children to strengthen the digital economy ecosystem in Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

The Minister of Communication and Information Johnn G. Plate recently launched batch 4 of the Ignition of the National 1000 Startup Digital Movement. According to the minister, when Covid-19 occurred, not all digital startups in Indonesia could grow; and other startups were under pressure, especially digital startups in the tourism, hospitality, maritime and transportation sectors.

Citing data from the Central Statistics Agency, he said that the informatics sector grew by double digits from 9.6% in the first quarter of 2020 to 10.88% in the second quarter of 2020. This, he felt, was a picture of optimism, hopes and opportunities for the development of the communication and informatics sector, especially the digital economy amidst the storm of the COVID-crisis. 19.

The 1.000 Startup Digital programme has been designed to solve problems for startups. Through the Movement, the Ministry of Communications is committed to shaping the development of human resources and talent, digitally focused on three target participants, namely the prospective chief startup founder, startup founders beginners as well as individuals skilled specifically to help the passage of startup beginners.

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