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Added functionality for Selangkah app

Source: New Strait Times, Article

Selangor’s contact tracing mobile app, Selangkah has been updated with new informative features. The app now features health and commercial information, aimed at helping the public navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic. The new version of the app was launched by the Selangor Menteri Besar.

The app features the Selangkah Health Vertical that includes Crowd trend; a graph that displays the daily frequency of a premise’s customer visits, Affected Premises Map; a map that displays locations that were recently hit by Covid-19 cases, Check Your Exposure Risk; a function that cross-checks users’ previous visitor logs against recently affected premises to see if they’ve been exposed, and Visitor Log (Sentri); a dashboard for local law enforcement to check if the premises had flouted the Standard operating procedure (SOP).

Other features introduced are the Dual-System Scanning; a built-in scanner that scans both the Selangkah and MySejahtera QR codes through the Selangkah App; the GPS Check-In, an alternative to QR codes where users can check in with their mobile phone’s GPS instead; QR Code Scan History Log which users to view the history of past check-in scans and Bulletin Board, which displays the government’s latest update on Covid-19.

The Selangkah App is also useful for the Selangor Community Screening for users to sign up for upcoming events and checking their Covid-19 test results. Selangkah said soon it will add the ‘Register and Sign up for your Vaccine Pack’ (R.S.V.P) for users to use the Selangkah ID account to register for their Covid-19 vaccination provided by the Selangor State Government.

To ensure authenticity and provide a digital certificate for domestic and international travel, the module will be integrated with the manufacturer’s inventory system. The safety of and ease-of-use for the users is the utmost priority, according to the Selangkah Ventures Sdn Bhd (SVSB)’s Chief Executive Officer. “As the country moves towards digitalisation, these upgraded features are aimed to provide both safety measures and convenience for all,” he said.

Providing help to local SMEs

Due to the pandemic, the commercial sector has a severe impact with small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and micro-businesses being hit the hardest with intense disruption. With this, Selangkah’s developers have integrated new commercial features to assist businesses affected by the pandemic. The features include Selangkah ID and Selangkah Biz, with Selangkah Wallet and Selangkah Pay coming soon. The modules will help users in adopting digital modernisation as they move towards the new norm.

The Selangkah ID is an integrated (Single-Sign-On) system for users to access all of Selangkah’s features and it allows multiple transactions that require digital biometric authentication. It will also offer access to government-related services while the Digital ID was created to expedite the shift towards a digital Selangor.

A cashless solution for micro, small and medium enterprise merchants is the Selangkah Biz that enables them to get payments from any e-wallet providers. For example, a hawker without an e-wallet service but with a bank account can now get paid from a customer’s e-wallet and manage their daily sale transactions while generating electronic invoices.

SVSB’s Chief Information Officer said Selangkah is dynamic. He noted, “What began as a contact tracing tool has now evolved to address other, equally important areas – from Covid-19 community testing and touchless payment system to State welfare distribution and even vaccine pre-registration,” he said.

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