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Agri sector in Indonesia set to captialise with tech in 2021

As the government continues to make strides in the adoption of new technology in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors, the agriculture industry remains a thriving growth area for digitalisation. 

As the year comes to a close, Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo expressed confidence that the overall 2021 outlook will be bright for the farming industry on the back of steady adoption and integration of digital technology in the whole agriculture ecosystem. 

To further support the growth in technology, he urged all offices under the Ministry to continue to sport the same innovative mindset in the coming year. He also emphasised the need to scale up the implementation of modern agricultural methods across all areas. He added that technology in agriculture has significantly improved existing procedures. This turnaround increased agricultural productivity. The introduction of tech into an otherwise traditional sector of the economy has been a driving force to hit production targets. 

Aside from adopting modern technology, the Minister also noted that there is power in research. He said that to continue to improve, players in the agriculture sector must “use the results of research and development to boost improvements”. He also said that “the milestones and glorious achievements of 2020” will be the Ministry’s starting point next year.  

According to a report, the spending that Indonesia will allow for research and development funding will have a significant impact on its growth trajectory. To spur economic growth that would allow it to have more value added on products and services, the government must focus on being innovative. Hence, it is a necessity for agencies to continuously adopt and build on projects that will accelerate their digital transformation. 

Sustaining performance and hitting targets  

In the same statement, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture Momon Rusmono stated that the Ministry has hit its objectives this year by increasing its production, implementing low costs and expanding agricultural projects. 

These goals include increasing improving access to quality food and enhancing the added value of employment. The Secretary General also noted that ramping up investments in the real estate sector and improving industrialisation is also one of the targets of the Ministry this year.  

For its 2021 outlook, the Ministry said that it is banking on its achievements this year as an essential stepping point for the coming year. It said it undertakes to foster economic resilience and recovery amid the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to a separate speech delivered during the National Conference of Indonesia Agricultural Scholars Association, the Minister of Agriculture encouraged organisations, members of the academe and other stakeholders in the industry to contribute to food sustainability. 

He likewise expressed gratitude for the commitment among members of the private and public sectors in order to hurdle challenges in agriculture. The Minister said: “The ministry cannot move alone, and we must jointly face challenges from time to time in accordance with the development and progress of the existing era. I hope this National Conference will become a consolidation for all of us.”  

The agricultural sector has been at the fore of integrating digital innovation into its existing and new ventures. In an earlier report by OpenGov Asia, the Agriculture Minister noted that several smart projects have been put up in an attempt to avoid food crises and mitigate dependence on food imports. 

Among these programmes is a technology that aims to enhance food estate development processes in farming growth centres in the country. Such food estate ventures form part of the government’s National Strategic Programmes slated until 2024. This plan covers developments in irrigated as well as in non-irrigated areas and several supporting infrastructure like the construction of new roads. 

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