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AgTech to Advance South Australian Farms

AgTech for South Australia Farms

An inaugural AdvanceAg AgTech at the Adelaide Showground will showcase robot tractors, an army of drones as well as virtual reality (VR) farm simulations to jolt South Australian farms to the next evolution of on-farm technology.

According to a recent press release, Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said AdvanceAg will officially launch the Government’s AgTech agenda to transform the agricultural industries through accelerated adoption of cutting-edge technology.

Benefits of Agtech

  • The South Australian Government is focused on boosting the state’s economy through the Growth State Agenda and AgTech is an important contributor to that growth.
  • Adoption of AgTech will make the agricultural industries more productive, sustainable and profitable through realising the benefits of new technologies and on-farm innovation.
  • South Australia should be a world leader in the adoption and commercialisation of AgTech.
  • The State Government has appointed an AgTech Advisory Group and will be showcasing AgTech at two of the research farms in the South East.
  • OpenGov Asia recently reported on South Australia Boosts Farming with AgTech Demonstration Farms. It is imperative to encourage the farmers to adopt new technology as well as the use of demonstration farms with data accessible to all.

About the Event

The Minister explained that one of the biggest opportunities for South Australian farmers is the adoption of technology.

AdvanceAg will be an event that provides access to the latest thinking in on-farm innovation and efficiency.

It is an opportunity to hear and share ideas on cutting-edge technology and ways the industries can encourage greater adoption on-farm.

Slated for 24 February 2020, it will be headlined by an Israeli start-up funder and the founder of an Israeli venture capital fund focused on improving the quality of life for people through clean technology, efficiency and sustainability.

The highly experienced international speaker was secured as a result of contacts made during the Minister’s study tour to Israel earlier in the year.

OpenGov Asia earlier reported on South Australia to learn AgTech from Israel. The Minister’s trip to Israel will provide him with learnings that will help shape the future of AgTech policy, particularly since the State Government aims to grow the agriculture and horticulture sectors in South Australia.

Recognising that many of the producers are facing drought, entry to AdvanceAg will be made affordable for farmers and their families.

Dr Leanna Read, who is the independent chair of the Minister’s AgTech Advisory Group, is excited about the potential for the event to encourage producers to experiment with new tech.

AdvanceAg is an opportunity to explore what is working well and what lessons can be learned and shared globally.

The focus will be on adoption of AgTech, proven application of innovative on-farm solutions, and how a more sustainable future for the farming industries can be created.

The AdvanceAg program will showcase AgTech available for adoption through to the future of farming.

Sessions will explore how technology is driving productivity through real-time decision making, precision agriculture and automation, the opportunities that exist to enhance traceability and transparency, and the future of farming in a digital world.

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