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AI boosts sales and networking opportunities for businesses

Businesses will now be able to outsmart competitors and escalate their success through artificial intelligence (AI), customised data analytics and super-smart networking.

According to a recent report, an Adelaide entrepreneur is the mastermind behind a business-to-business AI marketing tool.

Visualise being able to intelligently identify the organisations that are most likely to benefit from your company’s services with the use of a program.

The program will pinpoint unique commonalities from a customer database and then applies this knowledge to thousands, possibly millions, of organisations.

Sales representatives spend between 30% and 50% of their time manually prospecting for leads.

Despite the time being allotted for this task, a lot of prospects are immediately ruled out since people are creature of habit and walk the same paths.

Although web tools assist with lead determination, they require explicit inputs that filter and eliminate a lot of market potential.

MapRunner takes a smart approach. The program learns from the database it receives and applies these learnings to businesses in a defined area, which are informed by their online content to isolate strong sales prospects.

The capabilities of AI offer enormous benefits to all businesses.

People are aware that artificial intelligence has a lot to offer but very few understand how it can apply in practical terms to them.

Spiral Data Group is the parent company of MapRunner, which was established in 2016. It partners with organisations in order to generate growth or realise efficiency gains.

One of the company’s unique projects is its partnership with the New Venture Institute (NVI) of Flinders University.

The partnership was to deliver sophisticated match-making for its flagship networking event, Icebreaker.

An estimated A$ 2.9 million in forward value for South Australia was delivered by the first Icebreaker event in 2016. It gathered over a thousand people together.

Innovation is the key to what the company does for the Institute. Their solution entails applying science to a human problem.

So instead of people just thinking that they want to be on a table with a certain person, the company customises and designs a smart data-matching mechanism to optimise the value of each table.

The company knows that the networking needs of the people go deeper than just thinking about who they want to sit with.

Because of this, participants attending the event answer a survey beforehand. This will collect purposeful information which will then be put through the company’s scientific matching process.

Participants will be provided with connections that are customised to their unique inputs. The Institute will then use this information to set up the connections at the event.

Participants can experience the outcomes of the smart data-matching at the Icebreaker 18 event.

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