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AI plays cupid for job seekers

The love story began in Silicon Valley, 2014. A spinoff from the popular swiping dating app, the hiring mobile app aids job seekers to find the best employment opportunity. Recruitment managers are connected to the right candidates using a matching algorithm.

New: How to Find a Job

A matching algorithm first matches the individual with the job requirements such as the level of skill needed as well as motivations for applying. Easy to use, candidates swipe right on job opportunities they are interested in. Similarly, hiring managers swipe on candidates they believe will be a good fit. When a mutual match is found, both parties can message each other in a fuss-free manner. Job hunters and recruiters upload a profile or an employment opportunity respectively.

Co-founder Vincent Maillard said, “It cuts down the long processes of preliminary interviews with multiple intermediaries. Here you go quickly to the chat and from the beginning, the process is optimized such that you meet only the right people, people who are motivated and you meet to reach a decision. You don’t meet only to get information, you really meet for action.”

The co-founders believe recruitment is similar to dating as personal chemistry is involved. Sans stuffy business etiquette, the app provides a casual and efficient way of pairing the right talent with the right opportunity, unlike traditional recruiting methods. Revolutionising the hiring process forces companies and job seekers rethink the recruitment process to be a quick decision-making process.

Works in Asia

Asia is the biggest market for the startup. Co-founder Lynn Tan believes there is still much more room for expansion in the recruitment space in this region. Moreover, there is a significant talent crunch in the fields of marketing, business development and leadership. Although talent is being groomed, the current quantity is meagre.

Another major hurdle is discriminatory hiring among multinational corporations. Tan thinks these companies hire talents who share similar backgrounds as them and are not as enthusiastic about hiring locals. While they bemoan the lack of talent in the region, the issue is because they are not adventurous in their hiring.

Tan is confident that technology will provide the solution to overcome longstanding prejudice. The app ushers in a wave of change by providing a wider pool of talent to select from using an unbiased matching algorithm.

Maillard adds, “There is a need for technologies and tools that present to managers a selection of motivated candidates with a wider spectrum of origins and with the right potential fit. This approach significantly helps hiring managers overcome their diversity and talent acquisition issues.”

The machine-learning tool matches candidates based on their motivations and swiping behaviours. Ultimately, both candidates and hiring managers benefit from the app, thus making the right decision.

At present, the startup is looking to raise a VC round to capitalise on the hype around human resource tech. The company has been able to scale up considerably since its entry into the Singapore market in 2017. Singapore has a yawning gap between a worker’s dream employee and the largesse of the labour market. Asia continues to be a key region for the company since it is moving away from its reputation as a site of production for the Global North.

To monetise the product, there are multiple models it has under its sleeves. These include job postings, monthly subscriptions, and pay per hire. The total number of users or downloads have not been disclosed. The app caters to mid-career to senior level positions.

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