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AI-powered high-tech IVF clinic to launch in Thailand

According to a recent report, an AI-powered high-tech IVF clinic franchise will soon make its debut in Bangkok and begin the process of democratizing the role of women in fertility management.

With the establishment of its high-tech IVF clinic franchise in Thailand, Borderless Healthcare Group has made the country the world’s first “Egg Capital”.

In the first half of 2019, the AI-powered avatar will be made available at the franchise’s website to chat with women around the world who are interested in adopting social egg freezing in a pay-as-you-freeze model available at any of the clinics.

Subject to a range of biological, psychological and social data provided by a woman, the avatar can dispense a personalised financing plan for her fertility management. The plan may include social egg freezing service for just US$2.95 per day in Thailand.

Noting that there are currently 1.8 billion millennials in the world, the founder and chief executive of the franchise noted that they constitute the new audience for fertility management.

He also stated that besides delayed marriage and childbearing, many millennials face new infertility threats from work stress, unbalanced lifestyle, disturbed sleep-wake cycles, and other causes.

Thus, the founder noted that providing them with insights into fertility preservation such as fertility functional diet, toxicity avoidance tips and options like social egg freezing before infertility kicks in, will be very helpful to them.

While the majority of fertility clinics focus only on managing infertility, the franchise aims to transform the infertility industry into a fertility preservation eco-system which can support millions of women, especially millennials, to manage fertility before it becomes a problem.

Many fertility specialist doctors around the world have already signed up with the franchise to become an advocate in the field of fertility education in a public health context and promote the new notion of ‘reproductive asset management’.

Global experts in technology, fertility and media will be working closely with fertility doctors in Thailand to develop world-class protocols, technology innovations and centres of excellence in cryobanking here.

Thailand, as a major tourism and medical tourism hub, will be positioned as a global player in comprehensive fertility management in line with the objective of the Tourism Authority of Thailand to enhance premium and niche tourism next year.

The healthcare group is a global leader in healthcare technology, media, telecommunication, service and content (TMTSC), managing over US$100 million worth of intellectual assets and innovations via its ecosystem of subsidiaries from Smart Health, Smart Ageing, Smart Home to Smart Farm.

It is positioned to transform traditional healthcare with disruptive innovations in Asia and beyond. The group’s global innovation footprint is supported by its Borderless Investment Alliance and the establishment of the first-of-its-kind Borderless Innovation Centres in China and across the globe.

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