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AI system to boost security in Christchurch, NZ

A state-of-the –art surveillance system is being installed at Christchurch’s Al Noor Masjid after the attack that happened there in March.

According to a recent report, high-tech security cameras powered by artificial intelligence (AI) gadgets can detect active shooters and alert police and other emergency services before shots are even fired.

The New Zealand mosque is understood to be the first place of worship in the world to be protected by the technology. It has been installed already at several schools and public spaces in the US.

How does it work?

If somebody comes with a weapon, it will give a notification within three seconds to authorities and the police.

The system is capable of “instantly and accurately” detecting an active shooter with a gun before they fire a weapon and alerting law enforcement to proactively help prevent crimes before they occur.

It can warn first responders such as any on-site personnel and local authorities within a matter of seconds when a threat is detected.

Because of this, it can bridge the crucial time gap that could mean the difference between life and death.

Who developed it?

The AI security system was designed by a Silicon Valley start-up and has arrived in New Zealand. It is being cleared by Customs before a local security firm installs it at the mosque.

The San Francisco-based company says it is the first AI-powered gun detection security platform in the world.

It has been developed in partnership with law enforcement agencies and trained on different scenarios.

The start-up has partnered with a Qatar-based company responsible for the Keep Mosques Safe (KMS) initiative launched after the terror attack in Christchurch last March.

The company is backed by Islamic charities and foundations and plans to finance the installation of the AI-powered security system in mosques all over the world.

The mass shooting at the Al-Noor Mosque was an unspeakable tragedy that no community should have to suffer.

The Keep Mosques Safe initiative is an important step in giving mosques the tools to better protect themselves from extremist individuals that wish to do them harm, so that horrific events like this can be prevented in the future.

Help from abroad

The CEO of the Qatar-based company reached out to the leaders in New Zealand after the terror attack and wanted to help support the New Zealand Islamic community.

He then searched for an intelligent system that could help prevent any future tragedies.

He hopes that the system could help protect “innocent worshippers, men, women and children in the houses of worship” around the world.

OpenGov Asia recently reported on New Zealand and France working together to end online extremism.

Similarly, this initiative comes in the wake of the 15 March 2019 attack.

New Zealand and France will gather together countries and tech companies in an attempt to bring an end of the ability to use social media platforms to organise and promote terrorism and violent extremism.

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