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AI voice to take over SMS messaging

According to a recent report, a study showed that the new trend of artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of “voice first” assistants are becoming more popular because humans are gravitating to the easier “talking” rather than “typing” method of communication.

With the title, “How Digital Marketing can help achieve business strategic goals”, the study conducted shares that digital marketing trend is now shifting to marketing automation from the organic social media SMS and pure texting.

The study points out that 50% of all searches online will be voice searches by the year 2020. Thus, organic social media is dying.

Talking is easier and this behaviour is normalising because talking is the more natural thing to do.

When looking at speed and accuracy, speech is about 3.0 times faster than the text entry speed for English and the error rates for speech is 20.4% lower than the keyboard error rates committed in English.

Although voice-based search still plays a relatively minor role in the activities of most shoppers today, these tools appear to be gaining momentum.

Voice combined with chat-based interfaces will become increasingly important for customer service and support.

More studies have predicted that digital commerce revenue will increase by 30% through visual and voice search.

Data showed that 38% of shoppers have used voice for at least one shopping activity while 12% are very interested in ordering products by voice.

The study has also showed that 47 million of US adults have access to “voice first” assistant and 40% of adults now use voice search of at least once per day.

In the UK, one in 4 households will own an Echo by the end of 2018.

Although voice assistant is not yet that widespread in the Philippines, it will soon catch up as the economy improves.

There is no need to focus on voice first assistants driving commerce, or even voice search, the growing trend should just be accommodated by allowing it to be visible in product and service offerings.

Enterprises and retailers are encouraged to be prepared with voice and what having voice really means for their business.

Normalisation of voice as an input is going to drive innovative uses of the technology, so organisations should keep thinking about what works for the businesses.

Their thinking must shift from being ‘mobile first’ to ‘A.I first’.

Through repetitive use, AI may accumulate enough data to perform analysis. An example of which is how AI can detect a customer’s grocery basket based on his regular purchases from the store.

AI can now predict these items for delivery to their homes.

One interesting finding during the presentation of this study shows that mobile apps are becoming a thing of the past.

Only those apps that entertain and add value to customers are getting more users. The apps that are going to stay are those that are related to one’s financial accounts, like banks apps.

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