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An All-In-One Health and Wellness App Deployed in the Philippines

Healthcare platforms are on their way to becoming a part of the “new normal.” The option for players to create or join a platform will transform the healthcare market beyond recognition, strengthening the position of tech companies and start-ups, empowering providers and consumers, and redefining insurers’ roles.

One of the Philippines’ Health Tech organisations, which is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of an investment firm, is transforming the digital health care ecosystem with an all-in-one app meticulously designed for the Filipino’s holistic well-being, offering professional consultations, wellness programmes, products, and delivery services.

“Through a collaboration with trusted health experts, the platform will develop an ecosystem to bring integrated digital health care closer to every Filipino, even beyond the pandemic,” says the Chairman of the health tech company. The platform will also empower every Filipino to be in control of their health with just one app.

The all-in-one health platform is a high-performance mobile app backed by a national powerhouse of top names in healthcare, wellness, and technology. In addition to technology partnerships, the platform collaborates with award-winning fitness experts to provide personalised daily fitness, nutrition, and wellness programmes; and a parenting app to provide smart parenting solutions from pregnancy to family health management. Over three thousand health and wellness products are available for app users at the online health shop, which is powered by the Philippines e-payment service for fast, secure, and hassle-free transactions.

The company’s President and CEO expressed confidence that the fully integrated healthcare management is a game-changer, “Together, we will build an ecosystem that will provide easy access to integrated digital healthcare. We invite doctors and health practitioners to digitise their practice, partner with us and be part of our health app mission. With our combined strength, we can empower our countrymen to be in control of their health.”

The launch of the platform marks the beginning of this new digital health ecosystem. In collaboration with a few online clinics in the Philippines, a wide range of doctors and health practitioners have joined the platform roster, including general practitioners and speciality doctors, to provide much-needed access to health professionals during this pandemic. Doctors can easily manage digital appointments, keep patients’ medical records confidential, and issue e-prescriptions. Users can also book COVID-19 testing services through the partnership of the COVID-19 booking platform.

Doctors in the Philippines can now establish their own virtual clinic for free. There are no installation or membership fees. Doctors will receive quick and simple training to enable them to access the platform suite of services and immediately digitise their practice, allowing them to reach more patients across the country. “Through telemedicine, accessible healthcare can be promoted and the anxiety of going outside would be reduced, not only for us doctors but for patients as well,” shared a doctor.

“At the heart of Gabay Kalusugan’s advocacy to bring healthcare to our kababayans,” states Chief Finance & Sustainability of the company. “The health application is our response to Filipinos’ call for a better, more responsive, highly convenient healthcare platform. It is a fully integrated ecosystem that will deliver their health and wellness needs.” She added.

In September, the platform, in collaboration with a lifestyle platform, will enable its users to monitor, track, and improve their Wellness Score using the platform’s proprietary algorithm, which weighs a user’s daily physical activity and sleep to provide personalised information on what an ideal healthy physical lifestyle is, to improve health and longevity.

The importance of data in true digital transformation cannot be overstated. With the right information, tomorrow’s healthcare providers will be able to make more intelligent, data-driven care decisions, improving patient outcomes and lowering healthcare costs. This type of connectivity – securely and seamlessly connecting data, people, institutions, systems, and applications – is the type of transformational data-driven technology that will prepare the healthcare industry for the future.

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