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An app to reduce Indonesia’s traffic accidents

Photo Credit: Gadjah Mada University

The students of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Indonesia have developed an application that will help reduce the number of traffic accidents.

According to a recent press release, D’BOS has the capability to assess driver behaviour, thereby preventing the possible occurrence of accidents.

Background of the app

The developer explained that the app was designed with an accelerometer and GPS on a smartphone. It can measure the acceleration of the forces as well as the changes in the position.

The behaviour of the driver can be obtained, particularly through indications of value reduction. It will observe if the driver is driving with aggressive acceleration, or on zigzags, and if driving within speed limits.

Additionally, the app supports efficient fuel use through its eco-driving calculation feature.

This app can also be used for online motorcycle taxis and police officers for evaluating the drivers because of the feature that allows for real time integration with the administration.

The team developed this application due to the high number of traffic accidents in the country. Data from the Institute for Transportation Studies (INSTRAN) showed an increasing trend in the national traffic accidents each year.

In 2009, for instance, they have recorded around 140,000 alarming traffic accidents, which caused more than 20,000 deaths, 40,000 serious injuries, and 80,000 minor injuries.

Hopefully, this application will reduce the number of accidents by helping improve the drivers’ negligent behaviour.

Strengthening research cooperation

In other news, the University had recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Netherlands’ Leiden University.

The MoU will further strengthen the cooperation between the two institutions, which had been going on for a long time.

Both universities have become equal and mutually supportive partners in various scientific fields.

The strong foundation that holds the universities’ partnership was built not only through their collaborations, but also from the exchange in students.

Several of Indonesia’s best children have continued their studies in Leiden, thus many of the UGM’s current senior professors and lecturers have come from there.

Hopefully, they can produce more up-to-date research together in the next few years that will provide solutions to problems that exist in the community.

Research focus

One of the topics and areas that they are looking at are smart city and digital society.

During the signing, UGM has mentioned some of its successful research, which made an impact in the community. This includes medical devices, which have replaced the need to import medical equipment.

These products have helped the patients by reducing the burden of costs.

They also mentioned one of the University’s more popular program, which is the KKN-PPM program.

They also looked into the opportunities for collaboration in the field of community service. UGM had helped around 7,000 students in Indonesia every year.

Having Leiden University as partner in this endeavour will definitely create a big impact for the community.

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