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ANSTO joins global network supporting innovation

ANSTO is expanding its global connections, with the nandin Innovation Centre joining an international network created to increase cross-industry collaboration and co-creation. nandin (meaning look ahead in the local Dharawal language), was created in 2018 to connect ANSTO with industry, entrepreneurs and students to drive cultural change through innovation.

After capturing global interest, nandin has now been ‘super-charged’ through joining the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN), an organisation with 31 members spanning 24 counties and five continents.

The expansion is being funded by a $12.5 million grant provided by the NSW Government, with Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation saying it is part of the state government’s ongoing commitment to transform Sydney into a global technology capital.

The Minister stated that innovation precincts like these are increasingly important to our economy, bringing bright minds and ideas to NSW. This in turn means more start-ups, more cutting-edge research and a much-needed boost to our economy as recovery from COVID-19 continues.

ANSTO’s Director of Innovation & Commercialisation welcomed the new partnership saying membership of such an esteemed international network will result in new projects and collaborations with true global impact.

“Joining the DFGN establishes nandin as a full-service innovation centre, allowing us to collaborate on a global scale to overcome the world’s biggest challenges and ultimately create jobs,” he said.

Becoming a member of DFGN is part of ANSTO’s Innovation Centre expansion, with nandin fast gaining a reputation amongst startups and entrepreneurs as Sydney’s premier deep-tech hub.

A DFGN Community Developer said when you have 30 other like-minded institutions around the globe whose mission is to provide the technical expertise to develop great ideas, the possibilities are endless.

“We have no doubt that nandin and ANSTO will be a brilliant collaboration partner as we continue to build bridges and meeting points between science, industry, and education,” she stated.

Twenty-two businesses are now members of nandin, benefiting from entrepreneurial learning and collaboration, as well as access to office space, hot desks and lab suites. Many are innovating in fields such as cybersecurity, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine-based learning.

About nandin at ANSTO:

nandin is ANSTO’s Innovation Centre, where people and ideas collide to challenge, experiment, co-create and innovate. nandin builds on ANSTO’s 70-year history of scientific achievements and contributions to the industry, focusing on increasing the number of knowledge-intensive jobs in southern Sydney. Connections to the global research community bolster opportunities for strategic international collaborations with world-leading research institutes and universities.

About ANSTO’s Innovation Precinct

The Innovation Precinct at ANSTO is a nexus where industry connects with science and the local community connects with the world. It is a vibrant and inclusive environment where partnerships deliver inspired solutions for a more sustainable future.

As well as linking industry with its scientists and providing access to its capabilities, the agency is supporting upscaling for start-ups and providing scholarships to graduates with benefits beyond educational opportunities.

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