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ANU initiative to build an AI-enabled future gains support

An experimental project for creating new ways of thinking about artificial intelligence (AI) will be supported by three industry giants, as announced recently by the Australian National University’s Autonomy, Agency and Assurance Institute (3Ai).

According to a recent report, the project being run by the Institute is a major step towards developing the framework for managing an AI-enabled future.

With the support coming from the three new major backers, 3Ai will teach students to think beyond machine learning and data analytics to “AI at scale”.

This project was launched in September 2018 and represents an innovative way to quickly prototype a completely new educational offering to tackle fast-changing needs in the workplace.

The Institute’s Director, Professor Genevieve Bell, expressed how the support and buy-in from industry will help them as they cannot do this project alone.

Every other applied science created in the last 150 years, from engineering, to management science to computer science, has been the result of collaboration between academia, industry and government.

The Institute is well on the path of proactively creating the world people would want to live in with the arrival of their new industry partners, along with their founding partner CSIRO’s Data61.

CSIRO’s Data61 is the digital innovation arm of Australia’s national science agency.

One of the new supporters, a professional services company, is excited to be supporting the work being done at the Institute.

Backing this project is a logical extension of their work around innovation, data and digital transformation as well as ties in with areas such as trust and the future of technology-enabled business models.

The firm and their clients are also undergoing changes due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and they are keen to lean-in and be at the leading edge of creating the future.

A multinational technology company, another new supporter of the project, is proud to be a partner of the Institute and its pioneering endeavour to bring the best of the technology industry’s entrepreneurial culture inside a university to create the next generation of leaders.

The company recognises that AI has the potential to impact every person, organisation and business. Plus, AI can also advance every field of human ability, solving some of society’s greatest challenges.

However, it will need leaders in every field who understand not only this changing domain of knowledge but how to frame and ask the right questions in order to do so.

The third company, a financial services firm, recognises that emerging technology such as Artificial Intelligence continues to grow in importance, not only for them but for their clients and shareholders, and the global community as well.

The firm supports this project in recognition of the impact it has on encouraging a new generation of students to think differently and with an innovative mindset.

3Ai was established in September 2017 to tackle complex problems emerging around artificial intelligence, big data, technology and their impact on humanity.

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