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ASTRI launches Graduate Programme 2020

The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) recently announced the launch of its first Graduate Programme 2020 (the Programme).

The Programme offers university graduates (2019-20) a unique opportunity to begin a career in technology research environment. The initiative serves as a timely response to the city’s soaring unemployment.

The Programme offers one-time, two-year full-time job positions with potential job rotation. It opens doors for Hong Kong’s new graduates from universities and higher education institutes.

ASTRI is Hong Kong’s largest applied technology R&D Centre and nearly one in four of our technologists and engineers has a PhD. Successful candidates of the Program will work across a wide range of disciplines in technology research and corporate developments. They will work with world-class professionals in a multi-cultural environment.

The Chief Executive Officer of ASTRI stated that the agency seeks to address pain points in society and to support the Hong Kong community at this challenging time which has left many out of work, including young people who are the most vulnerable to rising unemployment.

Offering the new graduates an opportunity to kickstart their careers in the prevailing difficult climate, is a way the agency makes a positive impact on society.

The ASTRI Chief Operating Officer noted that talent is key to a thriving innovation and technology (I&T) ecosystem, and over the years ASTRI has nurtured a quality pool of talents in applied research and I&T. It is through collaborative partnerships with government, academia, financial and industry institutions.

The ASTRI Chief Technology Officer also noted that young adults are the backbone of every society contributing to the success of the future economy. ASTRI not only makes an impact on society through applied research, but it aims to also add value to the economy by nurturing the next generation. Over the years ASTRI has had many talent exchanges and internships.

This Programme adds to ASTRI’s numerous talent development initiatives.

Since 2016, ASTRI and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) have jointly provided the FinTech Career Accelerator Scheme. It cultivates future leaders necessary to sustain Hong Kong’s banking, finance and business services.

It adds to preserve Hong Kong’s competitiveness as an international finance hub. Over 500 interns have participated in the last four years. In 2020 the HKMA received more than 1,400 applications, nearly double the joiners a year before.

ASTRI also offers a three-month blockchain accelerator programme, in partnership with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and Molecular Hub. In 2020, ASTRI Summer Internships received 43 university students from Hong Kong and abroad.

Interested applicants for the Graduate Programme 2020 can visit the ASTRI website and submit their CV to careers@astri.org between 13 July and 31 July 2020, indicating their academic background, work experience and the top five functions they are interested in joining.

Growing local talent

OpenGov Asia earlier covered that the Innovation & Technology Commission announced that the Researcher Programme and the Postdoctoral Hub have been merged to become the Research Talent Hub to nurture more innovation and technology talents.

Currently, the Researcher Programme and the Postdoctoral Hub provide funding support for eligible companies and organisations to engage two researchers and two postdoctoral talents to conduct research and development work.

The commission said the two programmes have been merged and collectively named as the Research Talent Hub, under which each eligible company or organisation can obtain funding support to engage up to four I&T talents with a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree to conduct R&D work, thereby providing more flexibility for employers in engaging research talents.

The hub is pushing the Government’s goal of nurturing more innovation and technology talents in a bid to drive digital development and transformation.

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