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ASTRI launches one of the world’s largest C-V2X public road tests

Image Credits: ASTRI, Press Release

The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) successfully launched one of the world’s largest cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) public road tests in Hong Kong on 30 March 2021, to study and test the technology’s application scenarios on the roads of Hong Kong, as well as the network and infrastructure required for the application.

The test covered a 14km route from Hong Kong Science Park to Sha Tin town centre, ASTRI’s C-V2X public road test will last about nine months.

The launch is the start of a new journey in the development of Hong Kong as a Smart City, laying an important foundation in Smart Mobility, an enhancement in road safety and efficiency, as well as the next steps towards the future development of autonomous vehicles.

ASTRI is an active participant in all aspects of the HK SAR Government’s Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0, published last December, as well as its earlier iteration in December 2017. With the support of the Innovation and Technology Commission and Transport Department, ASTRI has been taking the initiative to promote Smart Mobility through its C-V2X related projects.

ASTRI’s C-V2X system makes real-time communication possible between vehicles and pedestrians, road-side infrastructure, networks and other vehicles. Information and warnings can be generated instantly to enhance road safety and assist driving.

C-V2X technology can also be applied to real-time traffic monitoring, incident management, and route planning to improve efficiency. In the longer term, C-V2X paves the way for the development of autonomous driving technology, by assisting in detecting hidden dangers and improving road safety.

The Chairman of ASTRI stated that ASTRI’s C-V2X technology fully complements Smart Mobility in the ‘Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0’ promulgated by the HKSAR Government and the different aspects in Smart Mobility Roadmap for Hong Kong to help enhance road safety and efficiency.

“We believe that C-V2X will create a new Smart Mobility Eco-System and new business opportunities for Hong Kong in the long term. More importantly, it will provide a safer, more convenient and efficient Smart Mobility experience for people in Hong Kong,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Acting Co-CEO cum Chief Operating Officer of ASTRI noted that the C-V2X public road test starting today marks an important cornerstone for the development of Smart Mobility and Hong Kong as a Smart City. Traffic jams and accidents are the Achilles’ heels of Hong Kong’s transport network.

“With our C-V2X technology, we believe these issues can be addressed effectively, improving the safety and efficiency of our roads while laying a strong foundation for the development of autonomous driving and C-V2X assisted autonomous driving in Hong Kong,” he added.

The Acting Co-CEO cum Chief Technology Officer of ASTRI also said that the Transport Department has specified clearly in the Smart Mobility Roadmap for Hong Kong that C-V2X and autonomous driving are two of the important components in the development of future car technology.

Apart from enhancing road safety, C-V2X can also be applied to other aspects of Smart Mobility. One of the most important aspects is to support and assist autonomous vehicles. In the future, C-V2X can be a key infrastructure that assists autonomous vehicles and solves the [safety] concerns raised when autonomous vehicles and manual vehicles share roads.”

The launch ceremony was attended by various high-ranking government officials, top members of ASTRI’s leadership as well as partners who have contributed to the project. The officiating guests were invited to take a ride in the test vehicle to personally experience the advantages that C-V2X will bring, including safer, more reliable and convenient journeys for road users.

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