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ASTRI Opens Programmes to Boost Development of HK’s I&T Industry

Image Credits: ASTRI, Press Release

The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) aims to fulfil its mission of nurturing the next generation of I&T talents. As the largest R&D centre funded by the government in Hong Kong, ASTRI has opened applications for its “Summer Internship Programme” and the “Fintech Future Leader Academy (Internship)”, offering undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to deeply engage in Hong Kong’s I&T ecosystem and experience ASTRI’s unique culture in scientific research.

In 2021, ASTRI’s summer programmes garnered a significantly positive response, receiving a total of 2,464 applications and shortlisting 50 candidates, among them including students from over 28 renowned universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, namely Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, etc., as well as students from the top universities in Hong Kong.

Through the programme, students who want to gain an understanding of research and development from a front-to-back perspective, experience a diverse and engaged workplace, and explore a career in a research institute, can apply to ASTRI’s two internship programmes now.

Beginning in June 2023, the two eight-week internships offer students a golden opportunity to learn from award-winning scientists in a cross-cultural environment. The programmes target at undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in STEM disciplines.

Summer Internship Programme 2023

ASTRI’s summer programme offers a broad spectrum of R&D projects and activities to make the internship more engaged and motivated. Students will gain invaluable R&D hands-on experience in one of ASTRI’s six core areas, including Smart City, Financial Technologies, Reindustrialisation and Intelligent Manufacturing, Digital Health, Application Specific Integrated Circuits and Metaverse.

They will have the chance to partner with ASTRI’s senior management and work alongside professionals to dive deep into the I&T process and technology development, participating in R&D projects that employ Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Blockchain, Digital Asset, 5G and IoT, etc., to maximise value and impact.

In addition, several tech talks and networking sessions will be arranged, where key industry players and professional scholars from large corporations and organisations will be invited to share their journeys and successful experience. ASTRI also provides opportunities to work in its corporate functions for those who are majoring in non-STEM disciplines.

FinTech Future Leader Academy 2023

Established in 2021, the Fintech Future Leader Academy was developed for students who are enthusiastic about fintech and related innovations. Students will be assigned to the FinTech division and get exposure to ASTRI’s FinTech and Metaverse business and innovative projects.

In addition to the series of tech talks and networking sessions, students will undertake two-week field visits to a variety of prestigious financial and technology institutions that support the programme, where they will learn directly from industry professionals and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the impact of FinTech on society.

ASTRI’s CEO stated that Hong Kong needs innovation and technology talents more than ever. The two summer programmes are one of our various talent cultivation initiatives which enable students to take part in innovative R&D projects and equip them with the skills they need to enhance their professionalism and employability.

To let the future, I&T workforce develop a better understanding of the development of Hong Kong, especially the knowledge of the I&T ecosystem, we placed more efforts in boosting enrolment in top universities around the world since last year, and the response was very enthusiastic. This year, ASTRI will continue the promotion worldwide, and target to have more oversea students joining us and gaining more understanding of Hong Kong’s I&T industry development.

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