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Augmented Reality App Makes Online Learning More Engaging

XR LearnHub app 6
Photo Credit: RMIT University

A new augmented reality learning app from the Centre for Digital Enterprise (C4DE) will help bridge the gap between online and practical learning for engineering students.

According to a recent press release, the newly-launched XR LearnHub, from Australia’s RMIT University, is the first augmented reality tool of its kind, which was designed specifically for workplace training and vocational education.

About the Augmented Reality Tool

The tool was developed to complement 11 new workplace micro-units in industrial Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine operation.

The XR LearnHub app provides students with a more practical approach than traditional online learning and an opportunity for self-guided exploration.

It will allow engineering students to complete CNC training using workplace scenarios.

The units have been designed in consultation with the centre’s industry partner, which is one of the largest manufacturers of CNC machines in the world.

The Centre’s Senior Manager Stephen Joyce explained that C4DE worked with the company and identified the training need for existing workers and students to upskill their computer numerical control skills.

The Centre is committed to improving digital literacy in businesses through a collaborative approach that links research, business and training.

Utilising AR and VR

  • It is predicted there will be over one billion augmented and virtual reality users by 2020 and the C4DE’s senior AR/VR developer Yvette Wouters shared that this was a trend the education sector should not overlook.
  • AR and VR learning tools offer individuals the opportunity to explore and interact with information in completely new ways.
  • Augmented reality (AR) in education helps students easily appreciate realistic scenarios. Additionally, its gamified nature makes learning itself more engaging and fun.
  • The goal was to help students master the practical skills required for real work by supporting online and practical learning through AR technology.
  • The premise is simple: tap a button, transport a scenario or machine model into your environment. Gain key concepts through reward-based activities through the experience.
  • The micro-units will benefit workers and students who have completed the Certificate II and Certificate III in Engineering, as well as provide a pathway into Certificate IV and Diploma courses.

About Centre for Digital Enterprise (C4DE)

  • The Centre is a partnership between RMIT University, Wodonga TAFE and Sunraysia Institute of TAFE and works across Victoria to increase uptake of new resources for teaching.
  • The Centre uses applied research in smart technologies to create expert workforce training for delivery in the workplace.
  • Their mission is to bridge the digital capability gap in future skills by helping businesses and individuals on their digital transformation journey.
  • XR LearnHub was launched at a collaborative workshop for teachers and businesses delivered by the C4DE and Melbourne-based virtual and augmented reality studio Ignition Immersive.
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