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Australia and US join forces to advance cancer and paediatric healthcare

South Korea to promote joint use of research equipment among local universities
South Korea to promote joint use of research equipment among local universities

it was announced
that medical researchers and healthcare professionals in Victoria, Australia, will
partner with world-leading experts in cancer and paediatric health in Boston,
USA, to improve access to the latest medical breakthroughs for Victorian

for Health Jill Hennessy advanced two historic partnership agreements with Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Boston Children’s Hospital.

“Victoria is at the forefront of the world’s
very best cancer and paediatric care. Strengthening our partnerships with
Boston will ensure we remain a world leader,” said Minister for Health Jill Hennessy.

“Closer ties with Boston’s best and
brightest medical minds will help us share the latest treatments and cures, and
improve patient care in both countries,” she added.

builds on the existing agreement between the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and
Victoria’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre – both world leaders in cancer
research, prevention, treatment and care.

from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Dr Elaine Sanij will visit the Dana Farber
Cancer Institute in May to work with the world’s leaders in DNA repair
therapies in ovarian cancer. This will also help Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre’s
own trial of CX-5461 and advance Australian research in the area.

month Dr Sanij received a High Commendation in Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre’s Lea
Award, which recognises emerging female researchers in their early to
mid-career and provides support to take part in career advancement
opportunities. Dr Sanij received A$10,000 to support her travel to the
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

According to Minister Hennessy, cancer
survival rates in Victoria are among the best in the world. Victoria’s partnership
with Dana Farber Cancer Institute will help save even more lives by working
together on future medical breakthroughs.

addition, a number of concrete actions under a Memorandum of Understanding
(MOU) between the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Royal Children’s Hospital
in Melbourne were agreed.

to the MOU, the world’s best practice and expertise in paediatric health,
collaboration on research, exchange programs and innovations will now be shared
with Victorian researchers.

includes working with the International Consortium for Health Outcomes
Measurement on a core set of global standards for paediatrics, improving safety
and quality of care for the youngest patients around the world.

international working group of patients, parents and leading clinicians and
academics will establish key areas of research that matter most to families.

projects were finalised as part of a delegation to the USA to strengthen
international ties between Victoria and some of the world’s most prestigious
health and medical research institutions.

with prominent biotech and pharmaceutical companies will also help create jobs
and drive investment at home.

This is in line with Australia’s vision to grow
Victoria as a global exporter of health services and research, as outlined in
the International
Health Strategy 2016-2020: Partnering for a healthy and prosperous future
The healthcare sector contributes to more than A$30 billion to the Victorian
economy a year and employs more than 130,000 Victorians.

of the key areas of the International Health Strategy 2016-2020 include:

(1) international
engagement to promote the Victorian health system to international markets,
strengthen ties with established partners and build new links,

industry development to develop new sources of revenue for health services
through raising awareness of international opportunities and building
Victoria's capability to respond, and

(3) knowledge
transfer and innovation to encourage service delivery and research

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