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Australia improves Wi-Fi technology to better connect Territorians

Australia improves Wi Fi technology to better connect Territorians

In Australia, an announcement
made by the Northern
Territory Government
highlighted the trial of a new Wi-Fi technology
that will provide Wi-Fi to Territorians who live in remote areas. This will
solve issues concerning difficult to non-existent telecommunications where they

The new Wi-Fi technology that was tested at
the NT Government’s Douglas Daly Research Farm, located 200 kilometres
south-west of Darwin, can benefit a lot of Territorians located in remote

The results of the trial can be considered a
game-changer for the people who live on outback stations according to Minister
for Primary Industry and Resources, Ken Vowles.

He said, “We believe people in remote
regions deserve good services.”

He added, “We have many remote areas where
telecommunications are difficult or non-existent.”

“The Territory Labour Government recognises
improved Wi-Fi coverage could transform life in these regions, and has been
working with long-distance telecommunications company Agrinet to do something
about it,” he explained.

This innovative collaboration between the
Department of Primary Industry and Resources and Agrinet saw widespread Wi-Fi
coverage achieved across the 3100ha Douglas Daly Research Farm.

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources
brings together many of the key functions that drive economic development on
Northern Territory (NT) lands coastal areas and inland waterways.

provides farm wide Wi-Fi. According to their website, they are able to build
massive wireless networks that give farmers reliable internet and mobile
coverage wherever they need it.

“Widespread Wi-Fi coverage can mean better
cattle management, increased worker safety, improved mental health for
residents, and the ability to keep pace with rapidly changing technology,” Mr
Vowles said.

The technology, designed by Agrinet, will
not be dependent on just one provider and is suitable for farms with any type
of internet connection.

“This technology is designed to be
installed and maintained by farmers, removing the expense of telecommunications
experts having to travel for hours out bush,” Mr Vowles said.

He added, “Once installed, it will allow
anyone with a smartphone or tablet to connect.”

The coverage of the first tower installed
at the research farm saw signal reach 2km through thick bush. The coverage
widened once the technology was installed on a water tower. The range increased
to 10km.

From the Douglas Daly Research farm, the
next step of the trial will see the technology installed at Victoria River
Research Station. The size of this station is 10 times the size of Douglas Daly
Research Farm.

“Improved Wi-Fi could fundamentally change
how Territorians in remote areas communicate and do business,” Mr Vowles said.

He added, “We will continue working with
industry to see results for people in our remote areas.”

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