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Australia to develop sovereign space launch capability

Australia to develop sovereign space launch capability

Australia may soon be launching satellites as Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation Zed Seselja announced the support of the Government for Australian-based research delving into rocket propulsion technology.

According to a recent press release, almost A$ 3 million will be given to the Responsive Access to Space Project under the fifth round of the Cooperative Research Centre Projects (CRC-P) Program. A further excess of A$ 10 million in cash and in-kind contributions have been received from industry and university stakeholders.

The project aims to develop a flight ready Rotating Detonation Engine by applying new thermal management techniques and advanced control of inlet, injection and fuel mixing processes, to create the opportunity for sovereign space launch capability.

Assistant Minister Seselja shared that the investment on this research project was another indicator of the Government’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting science and research in Australia.

He added that the CRC Program is at the heart of the Government’s commitment to supporting innovation, and industry-research collaboration in Australia.

Moreover, the research outcomes for the Responsive Access to Space Project have the potential to give Australia access to an efficient and cost effective Low Earth Orbit Launch Capability, presenting the opportunity for satellites to be launched from Australia

Minister for Jobs and Innovation Senator Michaelia Cash explained that the investment builds on the Coalition’s A$ 41 million commitment over the next four years to kick-start the Australian Space Agency.

She discussed that, with the access to global space economy that the Agency will facilitate, it will be possible to potentially triple the size of the country’s current domestic industry to around A$ 12 billion by 2030. This initiative can create up to 20,000 new jobs for Australians.

Senator for Victoria Minister Mitch Fifield said Government support for research in Victoria was good for jobs and Australia’s future space industry. He shared that 70% of the Responsive Access to Space Project will be undertaken in Victoria.

The Government is investing in the local businesses, like DefendTex, to undertake globally competitive research, support local jobs, and retain high-level jobs here in Australia.

The research collaboration will include RMIT University, University of Sydney, University of South Australia, Universitat de Bundeswehr, Defence Science and Technology Group and Innosync Pty Ltd and is led by DefendTex Pty Ltd.

A recent announcement released highlighted how Western Australia is bolstering its pitch to have the base of the Australian Space Agency in Western Australia as it will create local jobs, create more opportunities for local businesses and help diversify the WA economy.

An earlier announcement released highlighted how La Trobe University has helped cement Victoria as a leader in space technology with an advanced high-resolution camera that was designed to be launched in space in order to more accurately monitor the Earth’s ecosystem. This demonstrates Victoria’s capabilities in developing and manufacturing space technology.

An even earlier announcement released highlighted how the Andrews Labor Government in Victoria, Australia, has launched a new campaign to make Victoria the home of the new Australian Space Agency. The move aims to grow Victoria’s thriving space industry, create jobs and boost the state’s economy.

A previous announcement highlighted Australia has earmarked A$41 million for the country to establish its first national space agency over the next 4 years.

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