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Australian blockchain community invited to push nation’s blockchain roadmap

A range of emerging technologies are forecast to change and improve many fundamental tasks and interactions in the coming years, including how people work, travel, and communicate with each other.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computing present significant opportunities for people, businesses and the broader economy.

Blockchain is a digital platform that records, verifies and stores transactions shared across a network of computers according to an agreed set of rules. This removes the need for verification by a central authority, such as a bank.

Cryptography is used to keep transactions secure, and costs are shared among network participants. The fact the transaction history is viewable and verifiable by all network participants allows for much higher levels of transparency and auditability than is otherwise possible.

Although blockchain is still an emerging technology, it can be applied across a wide range of industries and to almost any transaction that involves a value, including:

  • Financial transactions
  • Government services
  • Tracing the history of a product

The National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee is seeking expressions of interest from the Australian blockchain community to join working groups on supply chains and credentialing.

The committee welcomes nominations from people with in-depth expertise on blockchain issues, in line with the roadmap.

  • Working group applicants should be able to:
  • share expertise on the development or use of blockchain-based platforms in Australia
  • advise on the economic opportunities associated with blockchain use cases
  • identify barriers to adoption, including any regulatory barriers that may exist and potential solutions

The committee was established in February 2020, following the release of Australia’s National Blockchain Roadmap and is overseeing its implementation.

The committee brings together representatives and experts from government, academia and industry to work together on realising the opportunities of blockchain technology in Australia.

Narelle Luchetti, Digital Economy and Technology Division Head and Steering Committee Chair said the roadmap is a critical step towards realising a blockchain-empowered future for Australia.

“By recognising the rich opportunities that exist to leverage blockchain across our economy, these collaborative working groups will play a central role. They will help progress two important use cases for this technology – supply chains and credentialing.”

The roadmap provides a valuable opportunity for blockchain community members and stakeholders to be heard opined Steve Vallas, CEO of Blockchain Australia and Steering Committee Deputy Chair.

The roadmap also showcases a number of businesses applying blockchain, including:

  • agricultural supply chains in the wine sector
  • trusted credentials in the university sector
  • transferable customer checks in the finance sector
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