Thailand to roll out 15 million new e-passports

The passport will be a 64-page biometric travel document, including an e-cover with a thin, flexible data page made of polycarbonate as well as a window containing a second image of the citizen and a true colour UV photo.

HKBU’s e-learning tech to help visually impaired students

Visually impaired students will be able to broaden their learning horizons and stay close to the ever-changing society via assistive technology. Research is being conducted to develop more devices to fit the practical needs of persons with print disabilities.

Thailand showcases space tech and launches new centre

Thailand’s leading minds and researchers in space tech we able to be part of business matching sessions between international firms. The establishment of the new facility highlights Thailand’s effort to develop its space capabilities.

Hong Kong pushing SIoT for smart city development

SIoT is an essential technological element that drives smart city projects. It is commonly applied in various industries including retail, transportation, construction, environmental management and healthcare.

Malaysia welcomes blockchain advancement

The government is developing a plan of action stimulate new growth sectors via strategic investments in the automotive, aerospace, fintech, big data analytics, and tech-driven agriculture industries (among others).

New E-Paper tech will enable HK Smart City goals

In addition to facilitating retail digitisation and automation, this technology with its pioneering energy-efficient feature can also be integrated into a myriad of applications for Smart City solutions.

Malaysia to use tech to boost tourism

National policies must allow for investment incentives in more intangible products such as data acquisition, content creation and online platform presence to drive tourism.