What is the “Job-to-be-done”? Applying Clayton Christensen’s theory

What is the “Job-to-be-done”? Applying Clayton Christensen's theory

Development in a digital environment requires a total redesign in approach. Using the theory of “Job-to-be-done”, by Clayton Christensen organisations and government could be improved. This issue, is a challenge to both government and business, engaging the customer will only bring back responses based on today’s knowledge and experience.

Digital Darwinism and the Wisdom of Crowds

Digital Darwinism and the Wisdom of Crowds

Government is in a state of Digital Darwinism, the phenomenon of technology and society evolving faster than an organisation, especially government can adapt. The time has passed where government can sit on the fence. They no longer can stay using both outdated technology and processes.

EXCLUSIVE – Chief Digital Officer – Innovate, Transform, Drive

EXCLUSIVE - Chief Digital Officer - Innovate

My role is far more outward facing than inward facing. Hence, the influence I have had on our organisation agenda has been more by contamination, rather than deliberate. By my own organisation, what I mean is Brisbane Marketing, which is the Brisbane Economic Development board.