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Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS)

Mr Louis Lam, Assistant Director, Population Enablement

OpenGov is recognising IHiS for launching the Smart Health Video Consultation and Smart Health TeleRehab services during 2017. The Smart Health Video Consultation system enables patients to consult healthcare professionals online from anywhere. The private virtual consultation sessions are protected with end-to-end encryption and proven technologies, such as two-factor authentication. The platform is interoperable and is capable of integrating with national and other IT systems.
In May 2017, IHiS rolled out a national pilot for Smart Health TeleRehab (SHTR) so that patients can undergo their rehabilitation exercises at a time and location of their choice. The patients have access to video demonstrations of the exercises, countdown timer, repetition counter, a bar to show if the desired angle has been reached and a star indicator to show how accurately the exercise was completed. Therapists are able to review their patients’ progress asynchronously via smart dashboards and provide immediate feedback to patients