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Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

Mr. Wee Wern Chau, Director, Information Technology Division

OpenGov recognised Singapore Land Authority (SLA) for the agency’s Smart Nation Innovations. In June 2016, SLA unveiled the first phase of its national 3D mapping project. The models,which use advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to generate ‘real world’ visualisations of the entire island, are part of a whole-of-government Smart Nation initiative aimed at improving risk management, facilitating collaboration and enhancing decision-making among Singapore’s public agencies.
SLA has also developed the Singapore Satellite Positioning Reference Network (SiReNT) which uses global navigation satellite system (GNSS) data from several countries’ satellites, not just the United States’ GPS data, to correct satellite data for real-time precision of up to 3 cm accuracy. It feeds into Singapore’s smart-city push in areas such as autonomous vehicles.