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Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Ms.Choo Huei Miin, Director, Visitor Experience

OpenGov recognised Singapore Tourism Board (STB) for its work-in-progress on the Tourism Information and Services Hub (TIH), which will be launched later this year. TIH is a back-end digital repository of real-time information and travel services, where the industry can contribute and access for use on their respective consumer-facing channels such as websites and mobile applications.
Businesses can benefit from increased exposure of their product offerings and efficiencies in sharing and updating of tourism-related content. With TIH, STB can also obtain rich data insights on the visitor journey and behaviour that will further enhance the Singapore experience.
As a start, it will house content such as Destination Editorials, Images & Videos, Business Event Listings and Walking Trails contributed by STB and its industry partners. STB will also develop services such as Enhanced Navigation Map, Itinerary Planner to help visitors plan on the go, Recommendation Engine to provide customised suggestions and a Chatbot to provide real-time assistance, all of which tourism partners can choose to extract to use on their own front-end channels.