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State Government of Penang

Mrs Nuriannahar Mohamed, Secretary ICT Department

OpenGov Asia is recognising the State Government of Penang for its Big Data Analytics projects.
Three Big Data Analytics projects to improve the lives of Penang citizens were implemented: Traffic Management, Solid Waste Management and Allocation of Affordable Housing. Big Data Analytics is the process by which large amounts of data of a variety of types uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information. The Data Coordination Committee at the state level was set up. This is headed by the State CIO.
The committee’s main terms of reference include coordinating and ensuring the readiness and quality of data sets to be shared and leveraged across agencies and the public. This is significant for the successful implementation of the big data plan. Collaboration with various departments and external sources for data is the essence to derive more meaningful insights through predictive and prescriptive analytics that will support and improve planning and decision-making at the state level.