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Best practices for building a cloud data lake you can trust

Using Talend Big Data Platform to build a cloud data lake on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, learn how a company was able to integrate and cleanse data from multiple sources and deliver real-time insights.


The process of extracting value from your data, especially in industries such as financial services, can be a challenge. There’s the sheer volume of data, which is on pace to double every two years.

Data comes from multiple sources, can be spread across your infrastructure or stuck in silos, and can be hard to integrate when it’s distributed across cloud and on-premises platforms. Increasing and changing regulations can hinder the process, too. As well, your customers demand self-service access in real time, and your teams want more insights, and faster.

In this eBook, learn why a cloud data lake you trust can help you scale the process of integrating data, assessing its quality, tracking lineage, and extracting value from data—with confidence.


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