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Billion-Dollar Spend Delivers Smart Future in NSW

The construction of the Central Coast’s new university campus is a step closer with an $18 million investment, as part of an AU$ 1 billion budget funding injection for key technology and innovation precincts across the State.

The AU$ 1 billion investment will deliver landmark and transformative infrastructure across major precincts. In addition to the Gosford University Campus, this includes the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility in the Bradfield City Centre and funding to activate the RNA Pilot Manufacturing Facility. The University of Newcastle Campus in Gosford will be a multi-faculty academic and innovation facility and will cut the number of students forced to leave the Central Coast to study at university.

The region’s Premier stated that the Central Coast was already an extraordinary place to live and work, and this investment will create even greater opportunities for local residents. He said that the State is taking NSW’s growth to “another level” via its Six Cities vision. This means more jobs closer to home and a brighter future for the eight million people who live in the sandstone mega-region, he added.

The NSW Treasurer noted that the University of Newcastle was progressing its plans to establish the new campus and this investment would go towards the construction of the new multi-faculty and innovation facility. The aim is to draw on the uniqueness of each community and pool those resources to strengthen NSW’s position globally and, in turn, supercharge the future economy.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Skills and Training stated that once complete the university would welcome thousands of students. The investment will get the Gosford campus up and running and create a magnet for new jobs, businesses and investment.

The Minister for Cities noted that universities drive productivity and innovation and the new campus will only strengthen the Central Coast’s contribution to the Government’s Six Cities vision. The sandstone region has a globally unique concentration of world-leading universities, strengthening the links between those institutions and pooling their knowledge bases will benefit the whole population, north to south and east to west, he said.

The Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast noted that the NSW Government funding builds on an initial injection of $18 million in Federal funding announced in 2019.  The Six Cities vision will deliver better infrastructure, quality public open space, more homes and greater educational opportunities for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

The new campus will be developed on a 4,650 square metre site at 299-309 Mann St, Gosford.

About NSW’s Six Cities Vision

In April 2022, the Central Coast Council acknowledged the State Government announcement regarding the Greater Sydney Commission developing the Six Cities vision for metropolitan NSW. The Council’s CEO said the inclusion of the Central Coast highlighted the strategic importance of the region.

He stated that bringing the Central Coast into strategic planning alongside Newcastle, Wollongong and Sydney has the prospects of seeing more opportunities open up for funding big game-changing infrastructure to benefit the whole region.

The Council looks forward to working with the Greater Sydney Commission’s Chief Executive Officer, and the Greater Sydney Commission’s Executive Director for Central Coast and Macquarie Park to ensure the Central Coast can reach its full potential as part of the overall plan.

The Council Administrator stated that the Greater Sydney Commission recognised that it was important for Council to have a seat at the table in planning and delivering on the strategic vision for the region. The community’s voice will be important in the development of the six cities’ strategic plan as they know what is needed for the Central Coast to thrive and be a dynamic part of the new vision for metropolitan NSW.

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