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Boosting data science in the region through education

THE Asian Institute of Management (AIM), in the Philippines, has received a US$ 9.5 million (PHP 500 million) donation for its program on data science and innovation.

According to a recent report, the gift from a Philippine conglomerate will be used to fund the Institute’s data science initiatives.

Realising a shared vision

These initiatives include funding for the establishment of two data science professorial chairmen; an interest-free student loan program, and a School of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (Asite) named after the conglomerate.

According to the President and Dean of the Institute, the donation fortifies the strong collaboration between the school and the conglomerate, which is known for its investments in power, banking and financial services, food, infrastructure and land.

Both have a shared vision of thought leadership within the education, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

This gift cements the beginning of a long-term partnership to develop innovation and technology-oriented managers, leaders and entrepreneurs who will take the lead in transforming Asian business and society.

The donation will empower the Institute to continue to generating and sustaining their mission of providing this region with future-ready leaders who can create value for their organisation and the communities within which they operate.

Expanding inclusiveness

The zero interest Student Loan Program for the Master of Science in Data Science ad Master of Science in Innovation and Business programs will benefit students who are interested in taking the course.

It will expand the Institute’s social inclusiveness by assisting deserving but financially challenged students to obtain a postgraduate degree.

The conglomerate made the donation as it believes in the history and vision of the school in sustaining businesses and societies not only in the Philippines, but in Asia as a whole.

AIM has contributed immensely to sustaining the growth of businesses and societies not only in the Philippines, but in Asia, by developing professional, entrepreneurial and socially responsible managers and leaders.

Working collaboratively

Asite provides a platform for innovators, data scientists and entrepreneurs to work collaboratively.

Through this, they can produce actionable insights that foster new knowledge, create value across industries and generate positive impact, especially within the Asian context.

As reported, in the midst of exponentially growing technological progress, the school’s goal is to provide the students with a collaborative environment that enables them to develop their core competencies while interacting and networking with peers who can and would be potential partners.

The school enrolees totalled 167 students in different Master programs in 2019, which is a big jump from only 75 students in 2017.

They are targeting to enlist 200 students next year. The Institute is growing the number gradually to ensure the quality of the teaching and learning experience is maintained.

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