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Canberra welcomes new smart parking management system

Canberra welcomes new smart parking management system

OpenGov previously interviewed Mr. Jon Cumming, Chief Digital Officer, ACT Government about their Smart City Vision to foster business and citizen initiatives. Mr Cumming spoke about the successful Smart Parking trials in Manuka, which has been completed and will replace Canberra’s single-space parking meters, which was  first used in the 1970s when parking cost 20c an hour. In a ceremonial removal of the last old-school parking meter on 20 Jan 2017, Minister for Planning and Land Management Mick Gentleman said the parking meters served our growing city well for more than 40 years.

“An integral part of our parking management system, the single-space meters came into service on Ainslie Avenue before expanding across the city.  Having fulfilled their role well and now at the end of their life, they have been replaced by new pay and display parking machines,” Minister Gentleman said.

In total, 868 meters have been replaced with 145 solar powered pay and display parking machines in Braddon, Civic and Woden.

“Our new pay and display parking machines make it simpler and easier to pay for parking with coins, credit cards, or the ParkMobile app available in all of the pay parking areas operated by the ACT Government,” Minister Gentleman said.

“In addition, all pay and display parking machines include ‘tap and go’ technology for a faster and more convenient method of payment. As our city grows, demand for parking in our busy town centres will continue to increase and the ACT Government is committed to continuing to improve parking in the ACT.

Our current smart parking trial in Manuka is testament to this, with the use of embedded infrared sensors, five LED signs and the ParkCBR app we are seeing a decrease in congestion in the area as patrons are guided  to available parking spaces.To make sure we remain one of the world’s most livable cities, the ACT Government is committed to investing in new technologies that make life easier and more convenient for all Canberrans,” Minister Gentleman concluded.

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