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Canberran cybersecurity firm grabs two first places

At the Telstra Business Awards last week, a Canberran cybersecurity firm was crowned 2018 Australian Business of the Year and was the winner of the 2018 Telstra Business Award in the Medium & Making Waves category. Twenty-six years and running, the Awards honour small to medium sized businesses across Australia.

The cybersecurity firm’s big win started small. When the company was first set up, it was a team of four. Modelling an innovative startup culture, the lean firm’s goal was to help the most difficult cybersecurity problems faced by the nation and its allies. Huddled together, their ingenuity has produced some of the world’s leading technologies in the field of cybersecurity. In fact, many of their products are being used to safeguard Australia’s sensitive information from unwanted preys.

The company delivers on three fronts: secure mobility, cyber deception, and cyber engineering. Each pillar is backed by a comprehensive range of solutions and services.

Secure Mobility

If you work with top secret or highly sensitive information, the company provides secure mobility using high assurance encryption. Without having to replace existing mobile devices, current devices can be overhauled to meet high assurance cryptographic standards. Accreditation requirements are met using their developed hardware and software. These grant users remote access to sensitive networks by simply connecting one’s laptop to publicly available wireless. The product seamlessly integrates with any commercial hardware while guaranteeing freedom and security when dealing with sensitive information.

Military and government agencies, in addition to organisations which hold large intellectual property assets or price sensitive information, stand to gain from this product. Currently, the secure mobility software solution is used by the UK for encrypted IP communications.

Cyber Solutions

Given the proliferation of cyberattacks in the recent years, almost anyone can benefit from their cyber solutions technologies. Three solutions and services underpin the second pillar of the company’s portfolio. Developed to slow the threat actor’s advances and pre-empt advanced attacks, the solutions work with real time information and machine learning based intelligence to provide the best buffer. Detecting and tracking sophisticated cyber aggressors becomes easier.

Cyber Engineering

Finally, leveraging on its ever growing engineering talent pool, the company provides a full suite of consultancy services which include cyber security operations service, secure mobility services and custom development and engineering services. Each of these are specially tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. The team have extensive experience in designing, integrating and building secure networks.

Winning Solutions

From these alone, it is easy to see why the company is making waves in Australia and abroad.

The company’s CEO said, “We are lucky enough to work with some of the most talented cybersecurity professionals in Australia and the world working on some of the hardest cyber problems facing the nation.”

To bag the gold, the team had to score high on the following criteria: strategy and vision, customers and marketing, operations, people and culture, social responsibility, financial acumen, and innovation and technology.

With a team just pushing over fifty employees, clearly, small is the new big.

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