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Case tracker added to OneService app which provides a single platform for Singapore residents to report municipal issues

Case tracker added to OneService app which provides a single platform for Singapore residents to report municipal issues

Above image: Screenshots from OneService app (left) and OneService portal (right)

The Municipal Services Office (MSO) has enhanced the Case Map in its OneService app to show the status of feedback cases.

The OneService App, which was launched in 2015, provides a single platform for residents to provide feedback on all municipal issues – without the need to know which agency or Town Council is in charge. The app automatically routes each feedback to the relevant agency so that more timely service and response can be provided.

Earlier there used to be red pins, now there are different coloured pin drops for the feedback cases. With this enhancement, users will know the cases that the agencies have taken on across the island and the cases that are being worked on, and the cases where work has been completed. Residents can also view the progress of the feedback they submitted via the new Case Tracker”, which also indicates the agency that has been assigned to work on the case.

To date, 100,000 users have registered on the App and around 130,000 feedback cases have been reported. It has made the process of providing feedback on municipal matters more convenient, and helped Government agencies and Town Councils to address municipal issues more responsively.

These enhancements were announced at the Municipal Services Awards Ceremony by Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Ms. Grace Fu.

Ms. Fu also said that MSO is also using technology to make it easier for residents to retrieve information about their living environment. Building greater awareness is the first step towards building engaged and active communities.

At last year’s Municipal Services Award Ceremony, the OneService Portal was launched. It is a one-stop portal for residents to obtain information on municipal matters. Users can select their neighbourhoods, and retrieve local information such as the presence of dengue clusters, construction works, block and hawker centre washing schedules, as well as feedback cases submitted.

This year, the OneService Portal has also been enhanced to include a new “Attend Events”feature. This feature aggregates all the events of participating agencies and provides residents with comprehensive information on activities happening around their neighbourhood. Events could include the Housing & Development Board’s (HDB) Welcome Parties for new launches, NParks’ guided nature walk, and Youth Corps’ volunteering opportunities.

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