Thailand Continues Programmes for Digital Trainers

To achieve a more digitally-aware and trained society, Thailand continues to hold Digital Citizen Trainer generation 2 which aims to help spread information to a larger target audience of all genders and ages.

Thailand Continues Robust Digital Transformation

The Thailand Ministry DES revealed that they had accelerated the implementation of numerous critical initiatives for the benefit of the citizens during the last year including the Government Central Cloud Service System.

New Initiatives to Digitally Upskill Youth in Northeast India

The government recognises the importance of digital skills in the post-pandemic scenario, as the rate of the digitalisation of products and services are rapidly increasing. It plans to set up centres and facilities for training in digital technologies.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Deploys AI Applications

The city will pilot AI technology for the urban railway supervision system, predicting passengers’ demand, analysing traffic behaviour, setting up traffic forecasting models and predicting disease transmission.