India Boosts R&D Activities in Deep Tech Domains

The Unique Identification Authority of India and the Society for Electronic Transactions and Security have signed an agreement to collaborate in areas like cybersecurity, IoT security, mobile device security, financial network slice security and hardware security.

Vietnam Promoting Safe Online Interactions for Children

Primary protection technologies such as protection technology on operating systems, browsers, and applications, child-protection devices, and applications that support reflection and inspection can be used to ensure children’s online safety.

Vietnam Protecting Online Consumer Rights

The Vietnam Competition and Consumer Authority plans to amend the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights to address consumer violations. The government has urged businesses to recognise their role and responsibility in consumer protection, ensuring access to safe and reasonably priced products and services.

Vietnam Ramps up Mobile Communication Safety

The Vietnamese government is taking action against telecom carriers that allow junk SIM cards to circulate in the market. Mobile network operators have been instructed to include all legally required information when registering new subscribers.