Singapore HTX Promotes Cloud Technology

The Home Team Science and Technology Agency held a GoCloud roadshow, which featured an exhibition and spotlight talks on topics including HTX’s cloud strategy, navigating a typical cloud journey, and the sovereign cloud.

Boosting VR Production in Malaysia

APU and a leading digital tech firm are partnering to develop programmes for in the fields of XR, AR, and VR in Virtual Production as well as involve collaboration and development of XR Virtual Production facilities within the APU campus.

Streamlining Government Business Processes in Indonesia

Indonesia keeps pushing digital transformation to encourage the integration of government processes and to increase government effectiveness in an effort to offer the best citizen experience possible in a digital world.

India, US Collaborate on Emerging Technology

The two sides will work together on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, quantum, semiconductor, clean energy, advanced wireless, biotechnology, geosciences, astrophysics, and defence. Other possible projects will research smart agriculture, bioeconomy and 6G technologies.

Thailand Continues Robust Digital Transformation

The Thailand Ministry DES revealed that they had accelerated the implementation of numerous critical initiatives for the benefit of the citizens during the last year including the Government Central Cloud Service System.