Smart Cities around the world – Amsterdam

Smart cities have numerous benefits, including reducing wastage, saving on manpower costs, being environmentally sustainable, and of course, improves the lives of its citizens by making government services either more accessible or more efficient.

Digital Health Passport joins the fight against COVID-19

Accredify builds on GovTech’s OpenAttestation framework for HealthCert – a verifiable travel credential standard – to enhance the safety and efficiency of travel for all outbound travellers and immigration authorities.

Drones that keep Singapore going

In collaboration with        In Singapore, some heroes are comparatively small, silent creatures that operate behind the scenes to keep Singapore running. We’re talking of course, about drones. Since their inception, various agencies in Singapore have been trying to use them to make tasks easier, safer and more efficient. Let’s take a look […]

SingPass – Singapore’s national digital identity

A cornerstone of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, the national digital identity ecosystem is critical in achieving Singapore’s Smart Nation vision of delivering significant benefits to citizens and businesses.

Before you #TraceTogether, the team first #TestsTogether

One of the mistaken impressions that people have is that TraceTogether is a static programme. It’s not. We also urge users to continue using SafeEntry and TraceTogether, which are complementary products – and not substitutes.