Thailand Launches AI Governance Clinic

A unit has been established by the Electronic Transactions Development Agency to create a framework for AI governance of electronic transactions that will adhere to both national and international standards.

HKBU Jointly Develops Multifunctional Nanoparticle

An HKBU collaborative research team has synthesised a nanoparticle, TRZD, that can perform the dual function of diagnosing and treating glioma in the brain and offers hope for the early diagnosis and treatment of glioma.

ANU Hosts New Training Centre

The new centre will upskill researchers in cutting-edge 3D imaging and analysis technology to help repair bones, safely store CO2, deactivate viruses on surfaces and recycle car parts among a range of critical applications.

HKUST Researchers Develop New Vaccine Tech

The method could increase production efficiency of synthetic mRNAs up to 10x and could reduce the amount and the number of injections needed for mRNA drugs and vaccines potentially lowering treatment costs.