RMIT Takes Lead Critical Tech Training

In its latest round, 14 programs were funded by CSIRO’s Next Generation Graduates Programs. RMIT will lead four and will provide generous scholarships to domestic PhD students, allowing them to be part of a multi-disciplinary team aimed at solving real-world challenges.

Innovative Solutions from Hong Kong Tech Lab

The first solution is a secure open data computing platform and the second is a tunnel vehicle monitoring and classification system; both solutions are now ready to be acquired.

Singapore Launches Smart Bins to Boost Recycling

A*STAR and a group of enterprises in Singapore have introduced a smart bin called BINgo that uses AI, IoT, and smart sensors to solve erroneous recycling practices and poor recycling rates in the country.

New Solutions from HK Innovation Lab

The first solution, iHEAS, provides critical environmental information and hazard warnings to the public; the second, the AIBOOSTER platform, is a data empowerment platform that enables better decision-making.

UTM Signs LoC to Enable Tech Collaboration

UTM and a Malaysia-based tech will pursue academic partnership and cooperation which includes the exchange of academic staff and students, R&D in Communication Technology as well as Internet of Things (IoT), joint seminars and conferences and more.

Institutes to Help Develop Tech Solutions in Vietnam

The institutes’ sci-tech activities, including the development and deployment of IoT, AI, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, 3D printing, and robotics have made positive contributions to the innovation level of enterprises in the industry and trade sector.

New Innovations from Hong Kong Government Tech Lab

Website Extraction Solution converts unstructured website data into structured ready-to-consume data while ToAI is a unified platform that helps collect and prepare data as well as builds, trains and deploys users’ ML models. 

New Solutions from HK Government Tech Lab

The Smart Car Park Management System uses Data Analytics, IoT, Mobile tech and Predictive Analytics while the 3D Spatial Intelligence Platform uses AI, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Deep Learning for flow and traffic management.