Goa, India Unveils AI-Based Traffic Management System

The AI-powered traffic management system detects traffic violations, captures real-time photographs, and issues e-tickets automatically to violators. It aims to enhance traffic monitoring and security while reducing human errors and corruption.

EXCLUSIVE! Chatbot Development for Public Service

GovTech works consistently to develop smart solutions, like chatbots, to better government services and make citizens’ lives better. VICA is their most recent citizen assistant platform utilising Artificial Intelligence to create more efficient and beneficial chatbots for government agencies.

Singapore: New App for Uroflowmetry Analysis

Singapore General Hospital has developed a mobile app that can detect abnormal urine flow. Once released, the app will allow patients to perform tests at home, improving the accuracy of the readings.

New Zealand Releases First National EV Charging Strategy

The strategy aims to offer journey charging hubs every 150-200 kilometres on main highways, a public charger for every 20-40 EVs in urban areas, and public charging at community facilities for all settlements with 2,000 or more people.

EXCLUSIVE! Selecting Startups to Fund with Kei Furukawa

Venture Capital strives to close the financial gap between traditional, less expensive forms of finance for existing enterprises and funding sources for innovation but must offer a satisfactory return on capital and provide appealing returns for its members.

Pendanaan untuk Dongkrak Inovasi Medis dan Obat

Pemodal ventura atau venture capital (VC) telah menjadi kekuatan vital dan katalis inovasi terkemuka selama beberapa dekade terakhir. Permodalan mereka telah menjadi sumber keuangan utama bagi sejumlah startup, sebab VC dikenal lebih ramah inovasi bagi pertumbuhan perusahaan pemula (startup). Alih-alih meminjam modal dari bank yang memiliki suku bunga tinggi dan proses persetujuan pinjaman yang rumit, […]