Vietnam E-Commerce Revenue Expands by 15% in 2022

With the sudden and significant change in online shopping habits in Vietnam, e-commerce as well as trade promotion activities in the online environment continue to maintain rapid and sustainable development.

Vietnam Bolstering Cybersecurity

The government agrees that responding to cybersecurity incidents is a key and urgent activity to minimise damage from cyberattacks, which in 2022 accounted for 0.24% or US$ 883 million of the national GDP.

University of Economics HCM, Vietnam Launches ArtTech Fusion Hub

The hub will carry out research activities in gamification, motion tracking, digital entertainment, hybrid events, metaverse, virtual humans, sustainable materials, NFTs, a variety of art, user experience, user interface, visual effects and urban simulation.

Vietnam Aims for Modernised Healthcare System

The Ministry of Health will review policies on IT and digital transformation in medical examination and treatment and issue a circular on e-prescribing, telemedicine, and digital payment methods for consultation.

Vietnam Welcomes New Aircraft Maintenance Software

The software is expected to increase labour productivity by 15% to 20%. It comes with tools for planning and controlling maintenance producers and provides information about failure status, maintenance history, and the status of spare parts.