CityU Researchers Develop Smart Mask

The IoT Smart Mask integrates an ultrathin nanocomposite sponge structure-based soundwave sensor which can detect and classify various respiratory sounds using deep learning.

Building Consumer Trust with Data Governance

Strong data governance practices and technologies enable organisations to collect, use, share and protect data conscientiously and intentionally, limiting potential risks and bolstering trust.

DevOps: Cloud Deployments Made Easy

DevOps is what unifies people, processes and technology, allowing organisations to thrive and the bandwidth to rethink, reimagine and reinvent themselves.

The City as Your Canvas

Projection mapping is a visual feast, a new kind of fireworks, an extraordinary form of entertainment with an enormous wow factor.


If your business strategy is fueled by data, bad data can be compared to poor quality oil in a car engine. Frankly, there is no chance you’ll go far and fast if you fill the tank with poor quality oil.