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Chief Technology Officer a priority appointment for New Zealand Government

Chief Technology Officer a priority appointment for New Zealand Government

Featured screenshot of Hon. Clare Curran via NetHui NZ’s Facebook page. 

The New Zealand Government has outlined its priorities across digital
technology, media and open government signalling that the establishment of a
Chief Technology Officer is at the top of the list. 

Delivering the keynote speech at NetHui 2017,
the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media and Government
Digital Services and the Associate Minister of State Services (Open
Government), Clare Curran, said that the Chief Technology Officer would be
responsible for preparing and overseeing a national digital architecture, or
roadmap, for the next 5 to 10 years. 

According to the media
, Ms. Curran also said that the Government would begin work on a
blueprint for digital inclusion to address the emerging digital divide,
establish RNZ+ as the centrepiece of a full non-commercial public media service
for all New Zealanders, institute a process for the proactive release of
government information and create a framework for strengthening citizens’
rights in the digital environment. 

“This Government will be modern, future-focused and innovative. We will also
work collaboratively with industry, non-government organisations and

Further, Ms. Curran said she would convene reference groups in her key
portfolio areas and task them with pulling together leading thinkers and actors
in each area, from inside government and across industry, local government,
Māoridom, non-government organisations and community groups to ensure that the
best thinking is applied to realising Government policy. 

“This Government intends to progress its goals to close the digital divide by
2020, and to make ICT the second largest contributor to GDP by 2025.” 

“New Zealanders rightly expect that their government should behave in a
predictable, open and transparent way and ensure that nobody is left behind.
The internet and digital tools are fundamental to us achieving these goals,”
Ms. Curran said.

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