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China Aims to be a Leader in Sci-tech

The President of China called for accelerated efforts in building China into a leader in science and technology and achieving sci-tech self-reliance and self-strengthening at higher levels. Sci-tech self-reliance and self-strengthening should always be considered strategic support for national development.

Scientific and technological development must target the global sci-tech frontiers, serve the main economic battlefields, strive to fulfil the significant needs of the country and benefit people’s lives and health. Scientists and engineers must closely follow current trends, take the initiative, confront problems head-on, and overcome difficulties. These areas have been placed at the core of China’s overall development. Its progress in sci-tech innovation, basic research, original innovation, strategic sci-tech and high-end industries is well known.

The nation has urged sci-tech professionals to assume the responsibilities of the times and strive for sci-tech self-reliance and self-strengthening at higher levels. It has also urges scientists and researchers to continue contributing to China’s scientific and technological advances, talent cultivation, as well as economic and social development. Governments at all levels have been asked to provide ongoing care and support to help create better working and living conditions for personnel engaged in scientific and technological research.

A report shows that the nation’s economic and technological strength has increased significantly. By devoting great energy to implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, China has made several accomplishments towards making the country a leader in science and technology. According to another article, China’s technological capabilities have been given incredible momentum. This is reshaping the global economic structure in medium-level technology as well as high-tech capability. Chinese industries are getting closer to the technological frontier in conventional areas such as electronics, machinery, automobiles, high-speed railways and aviation.

Technological innovations in emerging areas are also on the rise, including new and renewable energy, advanced nuclear energy, next-generation telecommunication technologies, big data and supercomputers, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, space technology, and e-commerce. Several key aspects of sci-tech developments have also been significantly improved by focusing o strengthening basic research in applied sciences, launching major national science and technology projects, and prioritising innovation in key generic technologies, cutting-edge frontier technologies, modern engineering technologies, and disruptive technologies.

China strives to foster a culture of innovation, and strengthen the creation, protection, and application of intellectual property. it cultivates a large number of world-class scientists and technologists in strategically important fields, scientific and technological leaders, and young scientists and engineers, as well as high-performing innovation teams.

Besides focusing on developing advanced technologies, it has made great efforts in enhancing the quality of its human and talent resources. As reported by OpenGov Asia, China has taken a great leap forward in scientific and technological strength over recent years, with major achievements across key fields. Maximising the abundant talent and human resources in the new situation is critical. China also aims to boost the role of scientific and technological innovation in driving economic and social development.

All regions and departments have done well in maintaining stability and providing protections in the six key areas since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred last year. The science and technology sector has particularly overcome difficulties and made great contributions to pandemic prevention, fostering new growth drivers, and economic and social development. Scientific and technological innovations are being vigorously encouraged and promoted. Expanding domestic demand and further opening-up should help each other forward. The country must ensure and improve people’s well-being during development, maintain economic performance within a reasonable range and secure stable employment to promote high-quality development.

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