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China Calls for Accelerating Talent, Tech Innovation

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Xi Jinping, the President of China has stressed efforts to implement the strategy on developing a quality workforce in the new era and to accelerate the work to build China into a major world centre of professional talent and innovation.

China will make efforts to upgrade towards a major world centre of talent and tech innovation, to support the goals of building a great modern China in all respects by 2050. China has attached great importance to talent management during its century-long endeavour as historical achievements and changes have been made.

China now has a large number of well-trained tech professionals who play an increasingly prominent role in the country’s development. As the country’s development and national rejuvenation depend on a quality workforce, China should pay greater attention to fostering people with talent through its own efforts and sharpening its competitive edge in human resources.

These are principles to make China a leader in science and technology:

  • Upholding China’s overall leadership over human resources work;
  • Making human resources the priority in the country’s development;
  • Focusing on world-level cutting-edge technologies, the main economic fields, the country’s critical needs, and the people’s health;
  • Promoting the comprehensive fostering of people with talent;
  • Deepening institutional reform related to talent development;
  • Assembling the best minds and drawing fully on their expertise;
  • Creating a favourable environment in which people with talent are easily identified, well valued and respected, and fully display their talent;
  • Promoting the spirit of scientists.

Specifying the objectives for talent-related work, China will have substantially increased its total R&D spending, attracted more top scientists, boasted a large number of scientists and technologists in strategically important and core technological fields, top-level sci-tech leaders and innovation teams.

By 2030, China will be significantly more attractive to global talent, boast some frontrunners in main sci-tech fields and pioneers in emerging frontier and interdisciplinary areas. By 2035, the country will have competitive advantages in talent competition in many areas, and its strategic sci-tech strength and high-calibre talent teams will be among the strongest in the world.

Stressing further reforming the system and mechanisms for talent development, scientists should be given more power to decide on technological routes, and more funding and resources should be placed at their disposal.

China also called for better cultivating strategic scientists and letting them play their roles, and nurturing a large number of top sci-tech leaders and innovation teams, young sci-tech talent and outstanding engineers. China aims to establish a trust-based human resources system that tolerates failures and encourages leading sci-tech professionals to take on new tasks and responsibilities.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, China also called on all countries to strengthen openness and cooperation in science and technology. Nowadays profound changes unseen in a century are evolving rapidly in the world and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is far-reaching, presenting severe challenges for the recovery of the global economy.

All countries in the world need to strengthen openness and cooperation in science and technology, explore ways and means of jointly solving important global issues through sci-tech innovation, address the challenges of the times together, and promote peace and development for all.

China will strengthen international sci-tech exchanges with a more open attitude, and actively participate in global innovation networks to jointly promote basic research and push forward the application of sci-tech achievements, to foster new growth momentum for economic development.

China has adopted a series of measures to encourage science and technology personnel and research institutes to involve themselves in all aspects of international cooperation in a multitude of forms through various channels and at various levels. China encourages international science and technology exchange and cooperation that leads to the development of technology in trade, agriculture, and finance.

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