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China Calls for Openness, Cooperation in Science & Technology

China called on all countries to strengthen openness and cooperation in science and technology. Nowadays profound changes unseen in a century are evolving rapidly in the world and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is far-reaching, presenting severe challenges for the recovery of the global economy.

All countries in the world need to strengthen openness and cooperation in science and technology, explore ways and means of jointly solving important global issues through sci-tech innovation, address the challenges of the times together, and promote peace and development for all.

Xi Jinping, President of China

The development of science and technology must have a global vision, grasp the pulse of the times, and closely follow the new requirements by the production and life of mankind. China attaches great importance to sci-tech innovation and is committed to promoting global cooperation in sci-tech innovation.

China will strengthen international sci-tech exchanges with a more open attitude, and actively participate in global innovation networks to jointly promote basic research and push forward the application of sci-tech achievements, to foster new growth momentum for economic development.

China will strengthen intellectual property rights protection, and create a first-class innovation ecosystem. China will also shape the concept of developing science and technology for good purposes, improve global sci-tech governance, and enhance the well-being of mankind.

Zhongguancun is China’s first national independent innovation demonstration zone. China supports Zhongguancun in carrying out a new round of pilot reforms, speeding up the construction of a world-leading sci-tech park, and making new contributions to promoting global sci-tech innovation exchanges and cooperation.

International science and technology exchange and cooperation is not only an important measure for developing the Chinese economy and science and technology but also a major link in developing a friendly relationship and forging stronger relations with other countries.

guided by national diplomatic policy, according to the necessity of China’s science and technology as well as economic development, and following the principles of equality, mutual benefits, results sharing, protecting intellectual property rights and respecting international practices, has conducted both governmental and non-governmental science and technology exchange and cooperation through bilateral and multilateral channels worldwide.

China has adopted a series of measures to encourage science and technology personnel and research institutes to involve themselves in all aspects of international cooperation in a multitude of forms through various channels and at various levels. China encourages international science and technology exchange and cooperation that leads to the development of technology in trade, agriculture, and finance.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, China has dedicated growing resources to basic research and original innovation in recent years. Their efforts aim to cultivate a driving force for economic growth and improving people’s living standards. Chinese researchers, hi-tech enterprises and local governments are together actively striving to strengthen original innovation.

A hi-tech university laboratory has been making plans for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) research institution to explore the frontiers of AI research and make breakthroughs in key technologies. The Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences has also been established with the aim to be at the global forefront of quantum physics and quantum information science. The superconducting quantum computing team made a major breakthrough by improving the decoherence time of superconducting qubits.

China has attached great importance to institutional innovation and high-level engineer and research team building. By taking a problem-oriented approach, they set up teams to overcome challenges. Science and technology development, cultivation of major talent resources, and innovation are crucial driving forces. The combination of the three can help achieve sci-tech self-reliance and self-improvement at higher levels.

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