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China Speeds Up 5G Development

China is speeding up 5G development with the construction of over 1 million 5G base stations, and it is home to 400 million 5G users nationwide. The 5G economy is in the initial stage, with booming market opportunities and great potential, both in China and globally. China, which leads the world in 5G development, has a growing demand for business-oriented 5G upgrades, covering companies and modernised factories.

To quicken the application of 5G in more sectors, one of the keys is cross-industry teamwork. China also called for more efforts to widen the use of cloud computing, big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies in digital production, daily life and social governance. Information and communication technology is now getting increasingly intertwined with the real economy, with digital transformation accelerated in a wide range of sectors.

Currently, 5G applications are in full bloom, with companies scrambling to explore its use in consumer sectors such as cultural, sports and entertainment, and in industries such as manufacturing, mining, healthcare, and ports.

Globally, there are already 176 5G commercial networks and more than 10,000 projects are exploring how 5G can drive industrial digitalisation. On the consumer front, there are more than 490 million 5G users worldwide. Industry experts said 2021 is the first year one sees large-scale 5G industry applications. Operators need new capabilities in network planning, deployment, maintenance, optimisation and operations,

5G should inspire industry digitalisation, which should not be limited to the vision of individual companies in the industry but be based on a collaborative transformation of multiple partners in the industry, all working within a mindset of team competition.

China’s efforts to quicken the rollout of 5G wireless technology will improve a wide range of new applications in the consumer and industrial sectors. China will step up the development of 5G networks and extend the application of superfast wireless technology in more settings.

The 2021 Government Work Report and an outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) clearly indicate that the next five years are a crucial period for 5G development in China. China is likely to achieve several breakthroughs in its technological evolution, network construction and applications.

The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology estimated that Chinese telecom operators’ investment in 5G network construction is likely to reach 1.2 trillion yuan by 2025. An additional investment of 3.5 trillion yuan is likely to flow into the upstream and downstream segments of the industrial chain as well as other related areas.

Sixty-one countries and territories across the world had 144 commercial 5G networks as of January. More than 400 operators in 131 countries are investing in 5G networks through tests, pilot projects and planned or actual deployments, reflecting the mounting enthusiasm for wireless technology. New 5G-powered consumer applications such as watching virtual reality-enabled 5G live concerts are also popping up to attract users.

China now is also working to accelerate the industrialization of millimetre-wave and new intermediate-frequency 5G base stations that are capable of supporting fast uploads, low latency, large connections and high-precision positioning.

China has applied 5G technology in various areas, including deploying 5G applications in parks. As reported by OpenGov Asia, Nanshan District installed three smart solar panel benches which can store electricity through the absorption of solar energy in the daytime. The smart 5G bench is equipped with free WiFi access, phone-charging ports and wireless charging.

People can place the mobile phone on the bench and it will automatically charge the phone. They can also use the free WiFi to listen to music while exercising nearby. The benches have become parkgoers’ favourite for leisure and exercise at Sihai Park in Nanshan District, Shenzhen city.

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