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China’s Advanced 5G Technologies

Global collaboration in 5G is inevitable as countries quicken the rollout of superfast wireless technologies. China’s Vice Minister of Science and Technology said the world is seeing a new upsurge in research and development activities in advanced 5G technologies. In China, 5G has become a key part of new infrastructure, and 5G is being increasingly used in transportation, logistics, energy, medical and other fields to advance digital transformation.

Open cooperation in science and technology is a major trend, and China will accord importance to scientific and technological innovation from a global perspective. As of mid-July, China had built 916,000 5G base stations, accounting for 70% of the world’s total. The number of 5G connections has exceeded 365 million, accounting for 80% of the world’s total, according to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

China unveiled a three-year plan in July, which aims to nurture 560 million 5G mobile subscribers by the end of 2023, and grow the penetration rate of the fast wireless technology among big industrial enterprises to 35% by then. The goals reflect China’s vigorous promotion of the comprehensive and coordinated development of 5G and its efforts to further widen the use of 5G to empower a wide range of industries.

The Head of the school of public policy and management at Tsinghua University said the rapid development of 5G and related technologies will support the era of the Internet of Things(IoT). Open source can boost the development of the 5G industry in the future. Open source is industry parlance to describe things like software, technologies or anything else that people, enterprises, consumers or end-users can modify and share because its design, code or formula is publicly accessible.

5G is likely to help generate a total global economic output of $13 trillion from 2020 to 2035. Information technology like 5G is a catalyst for the integration of real and virtual economies, and it can help match financial capital with the needs of production and promote industrial upgrades. 5G should inspire industry digitalisation, which should not be limited to the vision of individual companies in the industry but be based on a collaborative transformation of multiple partners in the industry, all working with a mindset of team competition.

With the large-scale commercial deployment of 5G networks, 5G applications have entered a period of iterative development. Although challenges like ecosystem construction and business models need to be addressed, the direction of innovation is becoming gradually clearer.

According to a page, China has so far built 993,000 5G base stations, covering more than 95% of counties and 35% of rural townships. The number of 5G mobile phone users has exceeded 392 million. China focuses on jointly building digital infrastructure, promoting industrial cooperation, and facilitating international cooperation and industrial chain collaboration and innovation in the field of 5G.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, China has applied 5G technology in various areas, including deploying 5G applications in parks. As reported by OpenGov Asia, Nanshan District installed three smart solar panel benches which can store electricity through the absorption of solar energy in the daytime. The smart 5G bench is equipped with free WiFi access, phone-charging ports and wireless charging.

People can place the mobile phone on the bench and it will automatically charge the phone. They can also use the free WiFi to listen to music while exercising nearby. The benches have become parkgoers’ favourite for leisure and exercise at Sihai Park in Nanshan District, Shenzhen city.

For the deployment of 5G applications in parks, Nanshan has piloted 12 scenarios at Shenzhen Talent Park, Dasha River Ecological Corridor, Shenzhen Bay Coastal Belt and Sihai Park. The scenarios include colour frequency, low-light 5G video cameras, 5G flexible screens, driverless cleaning vehicles and smart toilets.

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