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China’s Rapid Big Data Development

Officials, experts, scholars and representatives of famous enterprises in China and worldwide discussed several topics on technologies in The Big Data Expo 2021. The topics include data security, 5G-enabled intelligent digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI), global digital trade services, scenario big data, big data facilitating rural revitalisation, and blockchain.

The is jointly organised by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Internet Information Office and the People’s Government of Guizhou Province. The overarching theme of the expo is “Data Creates Value, Innovation Drives the Future” and the specific annual theme is “Embrace Digital Intelligence, Deliver New Development”.

Professional exhibitions which were held both online and offline brought together new technologies, products, solutions and applications from more than 300 enterprises in the big data industry in China and abroad. About 225 exhibitors, including centrally-administered SOEs and leading private enterprises of China and foreign enterprises, showcased the latest achievements in the industry.

People who work on rural industry revitalisation and cultural revitalisation comprehensively displayed excellent results and demonstration cases of big data to promote the efficiency and quality of the agricultural sector. They also aim to make rural areas suitable to live and work in and ensure that farmers are affluent and well-off in Guizhou province and even in the whole country.

More than 100 Chinese and foreign big data enterprises and organisations were communicating and negotiating on their actual needs, establish contact with target partners, promote market development, IT cooperation, platforms connection, information sharing and other important aspects.

According to a research paper, the President of China declared that the nation needs to promote the deepened integration of the internet, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) with the real economy. This statement indicated the emphasis that China puts on achieving an advanced big data analytic capability.

Furthermore, by mentioning big data and AI in the same sentence, Xi underscored the close association between these concepts in the Chinese mindset and how the combination of the two will power China toward an AI-driven society by 2030. From a historical lens, the emphasis on big data and AI is also the culmination of the past few years of top-level strategic plans and guidance on the need to develop China’s big data analytic capability.

China strives to take the initiative to deepen the understanding of the current status and trend of big data development and its impact on economic and social development. Big data should be utilised to improve people’s lives. big data platform should be used efficiently to comprehensively analyse risk factors to improve the capability of perceiving, predicting, and preventing risk factors.

China’s national big data strategy incorporates several Chinese state-run organisations—making this strategy a truly whole-of-government effort. Many other state organisations play a key role in the national big data strategy and other support the strategy in their own domains.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, China has also been making great efforts in AI developments and innovation by displaying several advanced technologies at a global Artificial Intelligence expo. The technologies include natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition and machine learning related to the (AI) sector. A range of tech was on display, including AI hardware, AI core technologies, AI technology applications, 5G+AI intelligent products and AI innovations and achievements.

Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association (SAIIA) released and compiled the White Book on the Development of Artificial Intelligence in 2021 and a research report on the nation’s growth enterprises in the AI sector. Also on display was the latest academic research achievements in the field of AI through in-depth research on the system, industry, technology and application of AI. The white book discusses the challenges in developing AI and predicts the future trends of AI development.


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