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It’s common to see specialized data quality tools requiring deep expertise for successful deployment. These tools are often complex and require in-depth training to be launched and used. Their User Interface is not suitable for everyone so only IT people can manage them.

While these tools can be powerful, if you have short term data quality priorities, you will miss your deadline. Don’t ask a rookie to pilot a jumbo jet. The flight instruments are obviously too sophisticated and it won’t be successful.

On the other hand, you will find simple and often robust apps that can be too siloed to be injected into a comprehensive data quality process. Even if they successfully focus on the business people with a simple
UI, they will miss the big part — collaborative data management.

And that’s precisely the challenge. Success relies not only in the tools and capabilities themselves, but in their ability to talk to each other. You therefore need to have a platform-based solution that shares, operates, and transfers data, actions, and models together.

That’s precisely what Talend provides.


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